Shivra Creed


Sharp eyed Shivra has always been curious. As a child she oft gave her father panicked fits as she tumbled and rolled or climbed upon tall things. Her hometown held within it a noble woman who took more than a bit of interest in the curious kid and, in time, she opened her home to the girl as a friend and mentor. Soon little Shivra had access to a vast library of books on a wide variety of subjects. She was shown techniques and fighting skills. And even taught how to engage in nonmystical legerdemain. But in reading of the great wide world beyond her town’s wooden walls she felt the need to seek out more of this wondrous world.

As soon as she was able, she gathered up what money she could, some supplies, and a beat up dagger her mother had used as a kitchen knife. And then she took to the road. Wandering for years on end, she visited with elves and orcs and dwarves, sought out ancient holds of knowledge and treasure, and viewed glorious vistas in breathtaking expanse. But now, as things turn dark and dire about the world, she has returned home to seek out allies who can help her find the truth that is found in service to others.

She has contacts, here and there, scattered about the world. And enough knowledge to find information where it lies if she has it not.

The Imperial Inquisition was impressed with her archaeological capabilities, and requested her assistance in researching various ruins throughout the Hadarac Desert to help find any information that could help save the world. She gladly accepted, and Ahmin joined her to serve as a guide and protector. She was temporarily reunited with the party while they were searching for the Ivory Fang of Nerof, and parted once more amicably.

Shivra Creed

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