Thogar Stormshield


Thogar, of clan Stormshield, is a Mountain Dwarf originating from the mountain passes in the far North. His father, Thrain, was one of the leaders of a religious organisation named “Ordo Ardentus”. The Ordo Ardentus, although influential, are scarcely known due to their protective secrecy. However they are quite the fierce bunch, made up almost exclusively of Dwarves, they keep the mountain passes clear of all who wish ill upon their lands. Thogar was born into this “cult” as was his Father and Grandfathers before him. The Stormshield name was seen as royalty within Ardentus since the founders bore that name.

Thogar trained and fought as a true warrior of the Storm throughout his years and thus earned the rank of Crusader within the organisation. Crusaders are seen as honour guards to the Circle of the Six (current leaders). Thogar himself fights for his deity as any paladin is bound to but he also fights for the sheer thrill of battle, a battlefield riddled with war cries and chaos is where Thogar shines brightest.
Everything was going well in Thogar’s eyes, until the day his father died. Having never known his mother and a lack of siblings left Thogar grieving over his fathers death more alone than it seemed. Having lost a member of the Circle of the Six, the remaining five: Ulfgur, Wren, Ytar, Graador and Drenvar deemed themselves far greater than any other members of the order and thus created the Circle of the Five. This news angered Thogar, as it was against tradition to change the ancient ways of hierarchy in the order. He confronted them. Only to be cast aside as a Heretic and banished from Ardentus lands. Collecting his armaments, it was on the gates of his former home that Thogar swore an Oath of Vengeance against those who had wronged him pledging to unravel the secrets held from him.

Thogar has travelled with the party for several months, but lately has become reclusive, staying on the ship meditating and praying. It is possible that he is anxious to return to his ancestral homelands

Thogar Stormshield

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