Raven Stormpaw


Raven is anything but civilized, feral in both mannerisms and looks, she is not someone you want to piss off. Unfortunately for many though, that’s not a very difficult thing to do. She tends to do things her own way and if anyone gets in the way of her goals, she’s not above mauling someone. Have you ever tried telling an angry bear no? Didn’t think so. On top of being extremely confrontational she’s got a short temper. There’s a long list of things that can easily set her off, some more than others, and on the very top of that list is being ignored. Go ahead and try to cut her off or talk over her. I dare you too, no I’m begging you too. Go ahead and see what happens.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but don’t be too quick to condemn her just yet. Despite being a little overly ‘free spirited’ Raven does have a more tender side. Granted most are likely to never see this side, it does exist (she may claim otherwise). For the lucky few that do end up on her good side though, she becomes much more forgiving, but more importantly than that, she becomes a savage defender, incredibly loyal and even willing to throw herself into harms way for their sake. One of the few(well to be fair, the only person right now) that make this list is her caregiver and mentor, Tiridel.

Tiridel is the only person Raven respects and obeys. Found abandoned in the forest without so much as a name, the older druid took in Raven as his own and taught her in the ways of the druid. Other than him, Raven has no other family or recollection of her previous life. Not as if she cared though, why would she waste time thinking about a group of people that abandoned her? In any case Tiridel was more than needed, and more than she felt like she deserved. Although Tiridel had a knack for disappearing for long stretches of time, he always seemed to show up whenever she needed him most, and trust me, she is very good at getting into trouble.

Raven’s examples of getting into trouble include drinking a potion of longevity, turning her into a twelve year old girl, and, following the adventures within an aging senile wizard’s mind, temporarily melding her consciousness with that of the mage, forcing her to take herself and her apprentice to the Feywilds to meditate until she could properly clear her mind.

Raven Stormpaw

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