Gruff Steelbane


Gruff is a Mountain Dwarf that hails from The Kingdom Under The Mountains. He’s the son of a Countess of The Warrior Caste there, named Marilla Steelbane. He has two brothers and a sister. His brothers’ names are Kalderim Steelbane (Older Brother), and Thirulf Steelbane (Younger Brother). His sister’s name is Rona Steelbane. Gruff’s father died in battle during a land dispute with a neighboring clan. Kalderim is the heir to the Steelbane name and estate. Gruff has no claim while his brother lives, nor does he want one.

He served in The Kingdom Under The Mountains’s Military for a good decade while he was still a lad, as battle-hardened infantry. He lives for the glory of the fight, but fights for the greater good. Gruff pays his respects to The Warfighter, Dwarven God of War whenever he sheds blood, out of respect. Gruff is of the Steelbane Clan of The Warrior Caste, whom are known for their prowess in battle. “Steel’s worst nightmare” is how Gruff’s buddies in the local military described him. He spent his time well in the Military, gaining enough training and experience in combat to set him apart from your average dwarf. After his time was up, however, he decided to move onto better things. He’s become a full-time adventurer, scouring the land for ways to make a name for himself and some coin.

In his travels, Gruff found himself under the employ of a desert druid, named Ahmin. He was paid to protect Ahmin, by whatever means necessary. Throughout his endeavors with Ahmin, namely when Ahmin decided to visit the nearby orc shaman, he met two others named Michael and Shivra. Michael was an elf, and seemed to be a twinkle-fingers of some sort, while Shivra was somewhat of a sneaker. After finding out with the orcs that their goals aligned, Ahmin decided that he and Gruff would accompany these two. In the short time with them, Gruff came to realize he’d become part of something far larger than himself, or a bodyguard job. He found out the world was at stake, with the work they were doing.

Gruff continued to work with the party for several months, but after almost dying far too many times, he accepted a cushy job as Head of Security for the Leviathan Trading Company’s main headquarters in the Gnomish Commonwealth

Gruff Steelbane

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