Dyne Treal


Dyne grew up amongst a nomadic horde of thieves and marauders in the Northlins, most of whom were out to fend only for themselves and their close families. His mother was not much different. Though she cared for and fended for him, he was raised knowing that the weak would be left behind. His father, a wood elf, taught him to hunt and gather food, to keep moving, to climb to higher ground, to skin animal hides for sale to merchants, and so on. His father was also a great trapmaker, though Dyne never mastered those skills. He was raised like an animal and familiar with them, but with no desire to continue on as such. He had seen other wanderers who were wealthier, pillaged pleasant villages, and seen great cities with metal-clad guards. He had seen it, but wanted to experience it for himself and to possess the strength to do so.

One day, in his adolescence, he set off to one of the cities with a short blade and armor made from hide. He met the guards at the gate and told them he was looking for work that required his blade. They sent the strong lad to a small guild of mercenaries where he met an old swordmaster who was quick with both wit and blade and who had seen the world just as Dyne had always desired to. The old man, William, took the young man under his wing; taught him to wield a pair of blades, how to fight in armor, explained to him the ways of the world, told him many tales, and ensured he always had a place to stay and food to eat. William also took a larger share of their earnings, but kept Dyne on his toes as much as he taught him how to have fun amongst the local taverns and brothels of the places they visited on and between jobs.

Eventually, Dyne was good enough to fend for himself and William was soon to retire. He left the guild with a pair of fine scimitars and a chain shirt. With these and some supplies, he started traveling as a freelancer between towns, fending for himself in the wild once again, and soon joining the ranks of many wandering adventurers. To this day, he remains incredibly quick and quite crafty, if a bit crass. More recently, Dyne has become enamored with techniques of infiltration and even magic. However, Dyne was also recently betrayed by a temporary ally named Varek who sold him out to slavers while they were still recovering from their wounds. The weasel made away with his freedom in exchange, but Dyne won’t soon forget his treachery. For now, though, Dyne has new companions in the dwarven warrior, Gruff; the druid woman, Raven; and the elven mage, Firion.

Dyne sided with the lot of them to supposedly save the world from becoming “primordial ooze,” but he is mostly along for the wealth and adventure. They recently saved a group of slaves from the heinous dragonborn of the Draconian Empire. Among them were a male gnome named Lucky, a female dwarven carpenter, a male tiefling mercenary named Mordecai, a human female medic named Rebecca, and a lovely half-elf woman by the name of Sandra who Dyne seems to have became infatuated with. Dyne has a feeling that he will encounter and slay many more Tiamat-worshippers in the future.

Whether he actually will or not is entirely up in the air as he left the party shortly into their trek through the Northlins to search for his vengeance and has yet to be heard of again.

Dyne Treal

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